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Backstage and on the road with Bruce & Julie on their 1st tour in China

Terra Guitarra is...

       the voice of the landscape, vibrating its unique melodies from the mountains, prairies, lakes, rivers, cities forests and woods of the world. Ages old the earth reveals it's messages in it's songs. 

      The world music-nuevo flamenco-new age project Terra Guitarra, the landscape of guitar, began in 2008.  The duo's debut CD Terra Guitarra burst onto the world music scene with it's inspired original guitar compositions singing of the sweeping natural settings of the planet, dancing in moonlit alleyways, and floating on great rivers' epic journeys.

     Terra Guitarra is the duo of master guitarist Bruce Hecksel and vocalist and rhythm guitarist Julie Patchouli. Their soulful fusion of blazing Spanish and world guitar rhythms, sparkling melodies and spine tingling harmonies are infused with a visible onstage chemistry. An extraordinary bond is immediately apparent as two guitars merge into one acoustic wall of sound and their innovative, percussive flat-picking and hybrid fingerstyle techniques leave even astute listeners wondering where the drummer is. “How you get two guitars to sound like a 10 piece band is amazing!”- reviewer RJ Lannen. 

     There is no denying the popularity of Terra Guitarra’s music, not only from the worldwide sales of their nine albums, but also because they perform 200 shows each year. Touring gives the duo the opportunity to try their new music out on an audience. These performances also allow the duo to change, expand or improvise new sections of their older repertoire to keep it fresh for the public. “Performing is a major part of our music which takes on characteristics of where we are and the flavor of the audience,” explains Julie.

   Terra Guitarra is the voice of the lands they’ve traveled, the voice of the countryside in spring, the city in summer, the moonlit alleyways. “Usually the melodies first come to me when I am outside experiencing nature,” says Hecksel. “We travel constantly and we find each place has its own musical feeling. Our music celebrates the landscape and the people there. The melodies are reflective of the earth’s energy and vibrations.”

Travel the worlds landscapes of guitar with Terra Guitarra’s intricate classical Spanish and jazz guitar with pan European and Latin rhythms creating a passionate and energetic global music experience.

      The debut Terra Guitarra ('08) album was followed by "Winter Solstice" offering instrumental guitar interpretations of traditional holiday music. The third album "The Mother Night" was released in 2010. Terra Guitarra's fourth album Dragonfly, charted at  #4 on the monthly international Zone Music Reporter Top 100 airplay chart, was nominated ZMR “Best Acoustic Instrumental Album” for the 2013, as ZMR’s #27 album for the entire year. Their second Holiday album, "Auld Lang Syne" followed in 2013.

      In 2015 Terra Guitarra released their 6th album Firelight a sparkling instrumental journey of Spanish guitar and world music textures. Firelight is nominated ZMR "Best Instrumental Album - Acoustic 2015" was # 1 on OneWorldMusic UK radio Charts, #14 album overall on the ZMR World/Ambient/NewAge Charts (out of 2100 charted albums in 2015.  
       Terra Guitarra "Live at the Big River Theatre" was released from a historic theatre performance on September 26th 2015. In January 2017 Terra Guitarra released their 8th album "Of Sea & Stars". 

     In 2018  Terra Guitarra releases a brand new album “Spirit Wheel”. It is a chill-out istrumental record showcasing Terra Guitarra’s signature guitar sounds with mellow grooves, airy electronic beats and wind born native flutes.

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New Instrumental chill-out album. Listen Now

New Releases:

Guitar - Music & Art

   The Terra Guitarra (landscape of guitar) series is designed for healing. When you think of the symbol, ‘guitar’, when you think of the bucolic landscape, when you view abstractions they arouse feelings. For most these are feelings of beauty, simplicity and of nurture and when they are combined together there is a deeper experience. This experience allows the viewer to access the transformational creative healing power of nature on conscious and subconscious levels. When the actual musical component is added the experience is again enriched as layers of positive intention permeate the quantum field around the viewer. The award winning music of “Terra Guitarra” is composed directly in the natural landscape as melodies arise spontaneously in a given place. This show generally involves at least one live performance preferably in context with the paintings for maximum effect.

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Original Art

Original works by guitarist and painter Bruce Hecksel and fine art giclee prints. View the online gallery

   Itasca 2012 © Bruce Hecksel

Combined with the music is a visual art component created by Hecksel of “Guitar Landscapes”, glittering, stained glass-like, acrylic paintings where every element in the composition is a guitar and several variations on the theme of guitar based art. The two elements go hand in hand to illustrate the concept that the whole world is constantly vibrating, “singing” and the great joy in joining in harmony with it.

Animated Guitar Art


© Bruce Hecksel 2016

Sneak peek at the animated paintings that create the new multi media concert experience


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