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There is no denying the popularity of Terra Guitarra’s music, not only from the sales of their five albums, but also because they perform before the public more than 200 days each year (more than 2,750 shows so far). In addition, their last album, Dragonfly, went to #4 on the monthly international Zone Music Reporter Top 100 airplay chart, was one of the Top 5 albums in the ZMR Awards “Best Acoustic Instrumental Album” category, and was ZMR’s #27 album for the entire year. Touring gives Terra Guitarra the opportunity to try their new music out on an audience which gives the group immediate feedback. These performances also allow Terra Guitarra to change, expand or improvise new sections of their older repertoire to keep it fresh for the public. “Performing is a major part of our music which takes on characteristics of where we are and the flavor of the audience,” explains Julie.
           The Terra Guitarra duo, Bruce Hecksel and Julie Patchouli are both lifelong students of music, and both accomplished multi-instrumentalists. Bruce’s post graduate study of theology and symbolism, classical study in piano, guitar and composition coupled with Julie’s studies in ethnobotany, environmental studies and her instrumental range from trombone, upright bass, guitar, marimba and percussion allow them to explore, synthesize and contrast world musical styles with deft fluidity and a broad based spiritual undertone. Both studied intensively at the Old Town School of Folk Music in Chicago, and have performed together over 2750 times, and toured a million miles on the road supporting 18 CD releases in 16 years. Bruce and Julie have won songwriting awards, industry awards, performed on TV, Radio, in the US, Canada and Europe.
       Their world music-neuvo flamenco-new age project Terra Guitarra, the landscape of guitar, began in 2008. The first CD Terra Guitarra was followed by a holiday CD entitled "Winter Solstice", offering instrumental guitar interpretations of traditional holiday music. The third album "The Mother Night" was released in 2010, "Dragonfly" following in 2012, their second Holiday album, "Auld Lang Syne" 2013 and their newest album "Firelight" in 2015.


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Terra Guitarra: Firelight

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Instrumental Spanish style guitar music showcasing a musical journey of travels and expressions of acoustic guitar at it’s most emotional and passionate. Listen Now

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   The Terra Guitarra (landscape of guitar) series is designed for healing. When you think of the symbol, ‘guitar’, when you think of the bucolic landscape, when you view abstractions they arouse feelings. For most these are feelings of beauty, simplicity and of nurture and when they are combined together there is a deeper experience. This experience allows the viewer to access the transformational creative healing power of nature on conscious and subconscious levels. When the actual musical component is added the experience is again enriched as layers of positive intention permeate the quantum field around the viewer. The award winning music of “Terra Guitarra” is composed directly in the natural landscape as melodies arise spontaneously in a given place. This show generally involves at least one live performance preferably in context with the paintings for maximum effect.

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Original works by guitarist and painter Bruce Hecksel and fine art giclee prints. View the online gallery

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